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    í░Honesty and mutual prosperityí▒ has always been held as the principle of Ossen Innovation Materials Co., Ltd for its internal management and exterior cooperation.

    í░Vision in successí▒ is the connotation of the companyí»s emblem.  The emblem is a big square consisting of five small squares, which is designed by Dr. Tang, chairman of Ossen. Inspired by the ancient Chinese theory Hanfeizi Yangquan, the emblem represents the close connection of all the subsidiaries and staff of the company and their sharing of responsibilities, which also implies Ossení»s capability to take advantage and integrate different resources during the economic development.

      The company emblem also can be divided into nine squares. Nine is the auspicious number in Chinese tradition.Underside of the Emblem is the Chinese character í░Ossení▒, written by the chairman of the company, which means prosperity as well. Moreover, OSSEN also shares the similar pronunciation of AWESOME which means great.  The delicate design of the emblem has indicated Ossen peopleí»s aspiration for the companyí»s successful development.

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