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    Ossen Innovation Materials Co., Ltd is one of the largest domestic manufacturers of prestressed materials and member of the China Prestressed Association. 

    As a famous prestressed materials manufacturers in China, the company has started production as early as 1994 and accumulated more than 14 years experience in the prestressed field. Its production can be carried out and controlled as per different standards of China, America, Britain, France, Spain, Korea and etc. 

    As a cutting-edge construction material, the prestressed materials of high strength and low relaxation have been widely applied in great numbers of projects such as huge-span suspension bridges, nuclear stations, hydro projects, city viaducts, express railway tracks, anchors and civil constructions as well. Recently, Ossen¡¯s products have not only be used in the key domestic projects, but also exported to the overseas markets such as U.S.A, Canada, Spain, Italy, South Asian countries and so on. 

    Ossen Innovation Materials Co., Ltd has always been considered as the back-bone enterprise in the local Ma¡¯anshan city and the key exporter in the Chinese prestressed industry. 

    Through its endless efforts, Ossen products have got through many top authentications. 

    It has been awarded many honors by the government including Superior Foreign Investing Company in China of the Year 2007 and 2008, Advanced Technology Company of Anhui province, Export Inspection-Free Enterprise and etc. In 2008, it was honored as the Advanced and Innovative Technology Enterprise of China and was awarded the glorious certificate.

    Regarding to its subsidiary Ossen (Jiujiang) Steel Wire and Cable Co., Ltd, it has also received numerous honors like Advanced Technological Enterprise, Export Inspection-Free Enterprise . Moreover, its galvanized PC wires for suspension bridge have passed a lot of authentications such as Key Innovative Products Technology Verification, Science and Technology Verification. 

    Operating under the guiding principle of Honesty and Mutual Prosperity, Ossen is always open to future cooperation with partners all over the world.



    Copyright ©2008 Ossen Innovation Materials Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved.   
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